Emergency Roadside Assistance

If your car won’t start or the engine refuses to turn over, there’s a high probability the battery could be the culprit. Our battery and jump start service is intended for just such an occasion. We’ll come out and give you a jump start, or replace your battery if necessary.

Have you locked your keys in your car or lost them all together? Never fear! Woodys is here! We’ll come out to unlock your vehicle using techniques proven to be safe and effective. In the case of a lost key, we’ll provide you with a replacement.

roadside assistance technician changing a flat tire.

If you’ve found yourself with a flat tire, call us for our tire change service. We’ll gladly come out and put on the spare tire for you. Additionally we’ll inspect the flat and recommend whether or not we think it can be repaired.

Out gas? No problem! Just call and inquire about our fuel delivery service and we will promptly deliver fuel direct to your location, always ensuring to match the type and grade of fuel your vehicle requires.